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Meaning of Art

August 31, 2013

Vincent van Gogh

Art is a concept. Not only is it a concept, it is also a domain of society in which the society is reflected and which reflects the society itself. Society contains certain subjects and themes which are used in art, in order to be viewed by other people. In this way art functions as a mirror which gives access to a direct view of things which can’t be seen directly. We could use the next example: If someone is playing a guitar in a room which we can’t see, but we can see him play in a mirror because of the reflection of it, the mirror allows us to see what he does anyway.

Not only is art a reflection, it is also a materialisation of the spirit or feelings, however our feelings are led by neuro-transmitters and our brains decides what we feel, we can only get a direct perception of our feelings by art, since art is the thing which removes the feeling out of our emotions. Our feelings are felt from within, but if it is transmitted into a work of art, it is transmitted in something which is feelingless, the art doesn’t feel. In this way, there is a transmission of feeling to no-feeling. Other people, however, can get feelings because of the art. In this way there is, again, a change which gives a change and in it’s turn give a change back, just like the reflection.

The final meaning of art is meaninglessness. The main function of art is not having a function. By not having a function, art can give itself a special position in society, since everything in society has a function, but because of the fact that art has no function in itself, it creates more functionality in all things which have a function. People think in a different way because of art and in this way the functionality is changed of the functionality which already exists.

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