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Christianity and religion

September 3, 2013

Christianity, a world religion and a way of life. Although christianity may seem barbaric to some and a way to disrupt the progress in society, it actually gave a boost to, what we consider is, civilization and it brought a diminishment to other religions. In the evolution of world perception and the way how phenomena work, we can observe the development of a belief in multiple Gods to a belief of just one God. The next step would be, or could be a belief in no God and the last step would be the belief in nothing, this means: The source of everything was in the start considered as being multiple Gods, after that just one God, after that no God and later we will consider nothing to be the source of everything. What’s the difference between no God and nothing? The current scientific view still assumes that physical phenomena are the source of all other physical phenomena, while it’s likely that we will consider ‘nothing’ as being the source in the future. ‘Nothing’ could also be considered as God, but it’s very different from the God from holy books.

When we try to discuss something with a christian, it’s obvious that most of the arguments aren’t rational arguments but theological arguments. It’s very interesting how individual followers of the most extreme subdivisions of a religion seem to have the least knowledge about their own religion. It’s also very interesting how atheists often have a better knowledge of the Bible than christians, the question is: Why? One possible explanation is that atheists don’t mind about discussing Exodus, for instance, which contains extremely violent parts, but they also don’t mind discussing other parts of the Bible which don’t have anything to do with civilization. The question provoked is: How come that a book with so much violence can create civilization?

Martin Luther, author of the text of Christ la...

Martin Luther, author of the text of Christ lag in Todes Banden, and who, with Johann Walter, also wrote the melody (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first question is what civilization is, and to answer that question we could take a look at the French Revolution, but we could also take a look at developments in the 19th and 20th sanctuary. All these developments have started with the Reformation, Protestantism which criticized the way in which the Catholic Church was dealing with it’s followers and others. Martin Luther was protesting against indulgences, which were used to make the Catholic Church rich. Of course it wasn’t the purpose of christianity to let the church become rich, the arguments for this were found in the Bible by Luther. Although we can find a lot of irrational aspects in the Bible, there are some aspects which are applied on modern society and which couldn’t have been applied if they weren’t in the Bible. Although we know about ancient civilizations which had these values too, like the Etruscians who shared some of their values with modern day society, something which wasn’t included in the Bible would have never been accepted by the European population which was intensely influenced by the Bible. If these civilized values were brought without the Bible, nobody would have followed them. That’s why we needed people like Luther and Hus to bring some change. It’s pretty obvious that when a religion is dominating in a place, you need to use the religion itself in order to bring change. A good example is how some imams in Pakistan try to change the youth by telling them that using violence is against the will of their God.

We can understand how the French Revolution wouldn’t have happened without the Reformation, which created a far more tolerant attitude, but even the French Revolution had values which overlap with the Bible. A good example are the human rights, which assume that every human should be treated equal and that violence should be forced back. Jesus Christ in the gospels also preaches non-violence and he is standing for an equal way to take care of the Mosaic law. A good example is how he helps a woman from another tribe because of her belief, which wouldn’t be done by Pharisees, who rigidly followed the Mosaic Law without understanding the ethical meaning which was behind it. One big difference however, is how the French Revolution in other aspects doesn’t follow the same rules as the Bible and how the French Revolution happened with a lot of violence. It seems like something is established which is the opposite of what it was in the beginning. Our peace is due to the extreme violence of the Second World War and the Declaration of Human Rights from 1948. Our whole human society is due to thinking of the extreme violence in the animal world, of which we wanted to dissociate ourselves.


In the end we can trace it all back to evolution. We started with barbaric civilizations which developed to some great civilizations, later there were some cults which worshipped just one God, and after that the French Revolution, ,partly inspired by those religions, taking over the evolution of humankind and bringing us in evolution to a more equal society. The First and Second World War were a decline in equality and were the opposites of it, because an evolution to equality is a radical change which will provoke counter-movements, like the NSDAP, but in the second half of the 20th sanctuary, we developed a different kind of community in comparison with the communities in the animal world. Although we still have a similar hierarchy, where you have people taking profit from eachother and inequality in it, it is quite different from societies in the animal world and we are evolving in a different way. Our evolution though, wouldn’t have happened without the development of monotheistic religions. One big evolutionary development which still needs to be fullfilled is the development in areas which aren’t civilized yet, like China, Africa and the Middle East. We also have to understand though, that it’s for sure partly due to ourselves that China and the Middle East are and have been in a decline.

We have to ask ourselves if it is good, our civilization. We tend to think that our own perspective is the only and right perspective, but of course we can’t be sure that civilization is the best structure of a society and there were African tribes which were far more effective in an evolutionary sense. We preach the idea of hard working, even if you have enough already, destroy the environment because we have enough already but we want to have more anyway. African tribes in the past just relaxed if they had enough food and animals do the same, we just go on. Maybe that’s a defect in our development which still has to be corrected by evolution.

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