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Part 1 – Reality formation

September 4, 2013

Reality formation

How is the reality formed? Reality is in the first place a subjective experience, we need to experience something in order to experience what the reality is like. Our experience is in fact our reality and that’s why we want to get the most out of our experiences, because in that way we can experience the reality in the best we can. We know in this way that the reality is subjective, but of course there is an objective component too, which is the outside world. We can’t be sure if the outside world exists in the first place, because we are obliged to only being able to experience our own subjective reality, but we can try to think of ways in which it could possibly function. Instead of thinking of ways in which it could possibly function, we could also try to understand what is the core of our experience and in this way try to find out what forms our reality.

There are different philosophers who already thought about our reality, including Plato. One of the ideas of Plato was that our experience is only a shadow of what is real, literally. Everything what we experience isn’t what is really there, but is just an observation of what it is being restricted to our experience. Of course we can only get a human perspective and in this way not an objective one. When we experience something, we are obliged to being human and we can’t change in another being in order to experience it in a different way. This is why we first need to accept and know that our reasonings will be connected to our human being and that our reasonings only have relations with the human experience.

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