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Martin Luther King

September 5, 2013
Martin Luther King, 1964

Martin Luther King, 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I listened to the speech of Martin Luther King and although I ‘m normally never interested in speeches, this one was really different and felt, in a sense, special. The way in which Martin Luther King speaks can give you goose bumps. Not only the text itself is and was very influential, but it is also written in a very good way. The question is though if anything of what he said has come true. In a sense, it did, but there is still a lot of discrimination and we have to remind that one of the reasons why there are problems within certain groups is because they are discriminated. Only with an understanding that acceptance can be an advantage for both sides, we can develop our society into a higher one. Only if we realize that we are equal in our spirits, we can realize why there are faults in our society. Although a person may look different, our spirits are all born and given in the same way, as an innocent soul which still has to develop in a life in which it will most likely bring some form of guilt because we are forced to do so in order to survive. That’s one problem of our existence, the fact that we need to feel guilt because of our wrong-doing and the fact that sometimes it’s an inevitable evil.

Although we might think that children are innocent beings, they are far from that because we are all born with the same necessary dependence upon nature. Nature created us in order to survive and our values have changed over time and still are changing. We will never reach an ultimate state of being, but we can try to act in the right way, although it’s a difficult task. In order to reach a truly civilized society, a first step might be to realize that we are all born in equality, no matter if you are born in a poor family in India or a rich family in America, our souls are the same and still can influence their own development.

We first need to forget our physical word in order to reach our connection with our mental worlds, which are dependent upon others in society.

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