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The development of art

September 5, 2013

The development of art in our society is always dependent on the society itself. The development of the art is interesting though and seems to be a reflection of the development of a society. If a society is pluralistic, the art will be pluralistic too and if there is a dictatorship, the art will be very limited too. Art is always a good means to understand what a country is like, because there is a direct connection between a society and it’s art. Not only on a large scale we can see this, but also on a smaller scale. The art from composers like Bach for example, were full of difficult elements and higher meanings, while he was a protestant. Within the subdivisions of christianity, protestantism is a very complicated form, because it thinks out a certain system to adhere christianity. Constructions within protestantism are often more complicated, because a good knowledge of the Bible is requiered. Also because of sobriety within protestantism, the feelings which people experience can be more intense, because the focus is on God. What is the relationship with the art though? The relationship is that the art is pretty much the same as the religion, protestant art is very sober, but it can also be very intense if you listen to Bach and other protestant composers.


Turner (Photo credit: sweetenough)

As we see, art is connected to both a country and a smaller community, but of course we also need to keep in mind that the individual is the most important creator of art. The connection of the individual to a community is what determines it’s art, but there are also individuals who weren’t related to any community. Their art was often very unique, if you look at the movements from the 19th century which turned themselves away from all other movements in art, individuals like Turner were part of that, the development of art in the 20th century could be called unique. Instead of serving a purpose like esthetics or make a portrait for families, art started to possibly have no function at all. As far as we know that wasn’t before. Not only is it connected to our capitalist system in which a lot of things with no meaning exist just to make money, but also the development of a high-developed culture to a superficial culture which is available to the masses. Superficial culture existed before, but what was considered as culture before was really ment for just a certain group of people, nowadays even a king can join a DJ when he is making music. That’s quite a big change from a culture which is limited to a certain group to a culture which can be joined by any group in which the hierarchy disappears. That’s the most interesting aspect about the development of our art, how art was limited to a certain group before and is made available to a group which is as large as possible nowadays. Of course that has to do with our consumer society, since art gives the possibility to sell stuff, but it also has to do with democracy which wants to give access to the masses as much as possible.

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