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How music is our religion

September 7, 2013

Music is our new religion. Christianity was the main religion in the past, but it seems like the more music there is, the more it can serve as a substitution for our religion. Although music can be used to spread a religion and to more well serve a God, religion is also often used to substitute a religion. Metal music is an example of a musical genre which replaced a religion and the followers of metal music use the concerts as their churches, the CDs as a way to show that they adhere the religion and other Metal fans as other religious people. Since we can make this striking comparison it’s more likely that there is a general mechanism for groups than that religion on itself is the only thing which would have such a mechanism, the mechanism though is very interesting because, no matter if a God does or doesn’t exist, the structure of groups and religious systems seems to be the same. There is a thing which is followed, God, a collection of people who follow it, institutions where it can be followed and things which can be used to spread the religion, concerning christianity it is the Bible, concerning Metal music the CDs could be considered as the bibles, although some people within the movement seem to adhere certain movements which are anti-christian. These same group structures can be found back in Islam and in Judaism and in a lot of other religions too. The most important thing is that people seem to like something which they can follow, of course that’s very comprehensible. A person needs security, structure and balance in his or her life and what can offer this balance more than a God? That’s the reason why people become religious, not only because it helps them in their life, but also because it gives them a goal and a thing of which they can make themselves dependent in order to feel themselves right. We are always dependent on something, if you work you could be dependent on your boss and you could want to be the best employee possible, if you are a music fan you could be dependent on an artist and want to be the best fan possible (which is actually impossible since fans from artists could be considered as members of an anonymous group who want to gain status, because of these egoist purposes artists don’t always want a direct relationship with their fans).

AC DC Concert Stage (Montreal) - Colorful Lights

AC DC Concert Stage (Montreal) – Colorful Lights (Photo credit: Anirudh Koul)

We can however see how music was pretty much limited to classical music and folk music before the 19th and 20th century, but when capitalism became more important, different music styles seem to have come to a rise. What is very contradicting is that there is a relationship between capitalism and protestantism, but we could possibly explain this by looking at the capitalism which in itself has the goal to make as much money as possible and which is not directly related to religion, which gives us the explanation too why so much popular music is of a bad quality. We have to admit that there is popular music of a good quality, but in order to find the best music of the best quality, we often have to look in other places than the main-stream music. Although some people could like Bonkers of Dizzee Rascal, it is music which is out of tune and of which I started myself thinking if this was done on purpose or if the artist really believes himself that he makes good music and serves music as a purpose. We can be happy that there is a lot of quality offered if we don’t turn our TV on MTV but actually look in some other music genres. I have to say though that in the start MTV sent good music, it is nowadays that the quality really went back.

Like I said in the start, music seems to be related to groups just like religion, which explains their similarity. It seems though as if after the 50s the churches were less visited and more people used music as their religion and purpose for life. After work they went to a concert instead of going to their church, they met their friends there and made new friends and found people with which it was possible to relate to. For some people it wasn’t just a way of entertainment but it was really the only thing which they lived for and in those peoples lives it’s mostly their only purpose what they live for.

We can make a connection with primitive tribes where their music is considered as something holy or as a means to make contact with the spirit world or with their Gods. Maybe that is the reason why people use music as a substitution for their religion, because music brings us to another world, let’s us experience things in another way and also gives us a special experience which could, when the music is good enough, being compared to a religious experience. Religion is the portal to a higher world, just like music.

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