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9-11, two numbers which we can’t forget

September 12, 2013

9-11 is an important date. A lot of people know the day on which the United States was founded, 1776 and the Declaration of Independence from 1789. The islam is a hard subject to talk about, not only because of threats of extremists, but also because the biggest conflicts in the world, like the Taliban, seem to have to do with islam nowadays. Just like with Christianity, it’s likely that islam will face reforms, it doesn’t matter if muslims like it or not, it will happen because of developments and interactions between the west and the Islamic World. Atatürk has chosen for a secular state, because he thought that a country can only be a welfare state if it is secular and not led by a religion. Turkey has developed quite well because of Atatürk and the most religious countries in the Eastern world also seem to be the poorest countries, so maybe he was right.

English: Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umay...

English: Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosque, Damascus. Damascus (Syria) –  (Foto Antonio Milena/ABr – hor – 08) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In any case, 9-11 was a horrible event. Innocent lives were gone and people were damaged by it. A few muslims claimed the attack and according to some populist parties in Europe the whole Islamic World was happy about it. Of course this shows how much people like to be subjective, because it’s pretty dumb to claim that every Muslim will like this, in fact there are the Sufis, which are a group of Muslims (although some will disagree) which totally disagrees with violence in any form. Also within other movements there are enough Muslims who reject every form of violence. This is one of the problems with 9-11, because the discrimination against Muslims seem to have increased, without people realizing how you can’t claim that a whole group supports an action of a few individuals. It would be the same if you claimed that the whole Christian world is evil because a few christians create chaos in name of Christianity. The fact that this happens doesn’t mean that their claim also is true. Their claim is just a subjective claim which is done by an individual and which doesn’t say anything about the opinions from all the other individuals of the group. This problem exists within the Christian world, as within the Islamic world the invasion of countries like Iraq is interpretated as evil by Christianity (while it’s claimed by just a few individuals), but also within the Islamic world where 9-11 is a striking example of this problem. It is very important to realize that these kinds of claims originate from individuals and that we should judge every person individually and can’t judge a person because of a certain religion. The reason why we are repulsive to islam and muslims mostly has to do with our experience by certain individuals within the religion. Of course it’s possible that these are a lot of individuals, but it’s more likely that what they do have to do with poor education, which makes it possible to indoctrinate people, a poor economical situation which makes it more likely that people will use violence and a certain conflict between groups(, because their violence originates from the feeling that there is a group or groups against them) than with their religion.

In order to fight the evil of extremists we first have to prevent the possibilities of people becoming extremists by offering good education, get rid of extremist elements who can infect them and make them extremists and get rid of discrimination. As long as we hate Muslims, Christians, Jews or other groups, there won’t be peace between those groups of people.

Just yesterday there was a talk show on TV, because in my country there is an Islamic High school which will be removed by the government because of mismanagement of affairs. The founders of the school however thought that the reason was islamophobia. I think that it’s very hard to say if it’s islamophobia, because there was some serious mismanagement at that school and people tend to view it as discrimination if something doesn’t work and if they belong to a certain minority. However our democracy might be represented by an islamic school, we need to make sure in the first place that the quality of education is well and that, since this isn’t in Christian schools neither, the school won’t only deal with Islam, but primarily discusses all the necessary subjects in education. One of the guests in the talk show said that islamic children need to go to such a school for their identity. This is comprehensible, but we could wonder if it would really contribute to your development, since christians in their schools also are confronted with different religions and in their education also learn about different religions. If there comes a new islamic high school, it would be necessary to in the first place give education about all kinds of religions in order to provide good education which tries to contribute to the development of it’s pupils.


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