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Dubstep and 4’33”

September 12, 2013

Just a new development within the world of music. It could be regarded as one of the newest musical genres. One interesting thing about Dubstep is that the most known figure is not the most liked figure, in fact there is a lot of criticism concerning Skrillex. I haven’t heard a lot of Dubstep, but I can say that to me it seems to get harder to create music. It all started with folk music and later we got Classical music, Jazz and blues, but there are a lot of electronical music genres now and it seems like there has been a lot of experimentation already and I wonder in how far we can create new genres. On one hand it shouldn’t be too difficult if you find new kinds of instruments and beats to use, it’s for instance interesting how Drum and Bass was created by using a certain drumbeat and speeding it up, putting some nice bass in it. The result was actually brilliant and created a completely new genre of music which was reproduced a lot.

It started in 1998 when people started to mix dub music and 2-step garage and adding all kinds of effects to it. The question is in how far we can still consider it as being music if so much is done by machines already. Unlike Aphex Twin who did a lot of programming on his music and created a lot almost entirely by himself, a lot of modern producers are using sounds which are already present and in that way not really creating their own music but just using music of others. Although people can become good in that, it’s the question if we could consider it as THEIR music or as original. However the choice of music has widened enormously, it makes us wonder what music is actually. The standard definition of music is an arrangement of sounds which are well choosen, but if this is true, can we consider 4 ’33” as being music? The idea behind 4 ’33” was to let people concentrate on sounds which are already present and created by coincidence, but they seem to have a certain arrangement by nature. Arrangements by nature however can’t be considered as music, because they are created by animals or things which can’t consciously create music with the same motives as humans, to create music. Now when we go back to the modern music, it’s the question if something can be considered music if it is already determined what you use. However you can’t choose the sound which a piano will have, you have a lot of freedom in it’s sounds and the emotions which are in it, because a piano makes our movements audible and our movements do contain our emotions, but when we are using an instrument which isn’t connected to our movements but just to our mind and determination of the time in which a sound will be made, there is a dimension of emotion which disappears. Of course when we listen to Aphex Twin we can hear a lot of emotion, his music can even make people cry because of how beautiful it sounds. I think that it has to do with his possibilities of realizing what the sounds would sound like, in contrary to some modern producers who use sounds which are already determined. If we have enough freedom in our music there is enough freedom for our emotions to be shown, that’s why both piano music and digital music which is fully programmed by the producer is very emotional music, because the freedom of both the mind and movements can be fully realized.

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