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Everything is about making money

September 12, 2013

You want me to do that? That will be 10 bucks.

Almost everything in our society is about making money. At one hand it is comprehensible, because in order to keep everything rolling, we need money to do so and it needs to come from some place somewhere. At the other hand we could do everything for free, but that isn’t a very good idea neither. We could ask ourselves some questions, concerning making money in our society. Are there other possible systems and why do we use our current system? Of course the first system which we think of is the communistic one.


Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However the idea might be nice, communism didn’t work because it ended up as being an extreme version of capitalism. Where in a capitalistic system everyone with a good education has some chances, in a communist system the state will just determine what you have to do and you will do that job. In our capitalistic system we can choose what we want to do, but I don’t think that people in North Korea have a lot of possibilities in their career. Although our system might look free, it is actually not a free system because it imposes the demand to make money. The communist system however was based on values which might better fit an ideal system. An ideal system would be a system in which everyone provided with their needs and even might be provided with all the luxury which they want. Is the communistic system such a system? Not at all, but it at least fulfilled the demand for basic needs, everyone was assured to have their basic needs like bread. So, why can’t we try and combine the communist and capitalist system?


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

A new system because of wrong education?

I think that by using our modern means we could create a new economic system which could really satisfy all our needs and at the same time provide us new ways of spending our time. What is the thing which brings us most welfare is a thing which we could ask ourselves. An answer that a lot of people give might be: More hours spending on school to have a better education and be better in a later job, or: More working hours. The solution might be even more interesting: More freetime. Why would more freetime provide us a better way to satisfy our needs? Our brains need to rest after we have received new information, but not only is the information better fixed in our memory, we can also come up with more new creative ideas better if we have more freetime. If we have to constantly work, we have to use our time to fulfill a certain task or job, but we are just spending our time on that. If we have freetime, we get new input, other impressions which enable us to use them in our job. The things which we do in our freetime could be done during working hours too, but our concentration and focus might be on other things, which provokes the situation that we might have the wrong focus, because in order to achieve new ideas we have to get a different view and our standard view won’t meet for that, we will need to have another mindset in order to get new ideas. When we are not at work or school, we are in a different environment which also enables us to be the person who is the target group while being at work or school. Why do we work? To provide needs for other people. Which people are those people? Most likely people who don’t work, but also people who work, in any case: they are other people. The only way to really discover what they need is to be one of them yourself, and when you are at work you actually dissociate yourself from that group instead of understanding that group. Not only in work this is true, it is also like that in our school. Why do we go to school? To educate ourselves in order to do a better job later in our lives. The things which we learn however are also learnt in order to have a sufficient general knowledge, nevertheless this knowledge which is taught is very limited. The knowledge of French might be restricted to knowing how to say: ‘Bonjour monsieur, qu’est-ce que vous voulez?’, but a normal conversation with friends will be impossible. It’s really striking how we are taught at school a language, but you can’t understand or speak the language at all when you finish school. Why do people learn those languages at school if they can’t even master them when they are done? In our freetime however, when we go for a holiday to Italy, we have a lot of possibilities to put a certain language into practice, possibilities which are wasted at schools because they just focus on what is the determined by the government to know. In that way however you just learn what is determined by the government what to know and you don’t learn how to actually speak a certain language. The same problem exists with subjects like history, where we only learn a very limited part of history, but we can’t learn about everything what happened in history and different views on history (we usually are only taught the view of our country). This is also one of the biggest problems with our education systems, it’s not about learning how to think and develop new ideas, it’s about learning for tests, which is a completely wrong way of dealing with future employees, since in order to contribute to our society, we actually need people who can develop new ideas and we don’t need people who can just apply the things which they already learned which are of a certain level. Even if people can understand difficult math problems, they can’t reach their full potential if they aren’t given the freedom to find out things themselves and look at those things in different perspectives. It’s really striking how Finland is the best educational system of Europe and just one of the best existing education systems, while they don’t even have a lot of school hours, they even have very little homework, and maybe what I just said before this is the reason why the people of Finland are one of the countries of Europe with a very well economy, because they get enough creativity in their school, enough freedom and enough free-time, which instead of making people lazy, might give people the trigger to actually do something good for their work because they can fully contribute to it in the way they like.

This all however is just pointing out the role of the government in education and not at the role of the society as a whole.

Now we know that just doing our work or school won’t contribute to different ideas and views which might give us the possibility to contribute more to our work or school. Well, of course we get different views and ideas when going to work or school, that’s also one of the reason why we visit schools or our work, but people might easily forget how a lot of their general knowledge about all kinds of subjects originate from TV or newspapers which they didn’t watch or read during their work or school. It’s the combination however of both the knowledge at school and work and the knowledge which we gain in our freetime which makes us individuals with capacities. The system however is built on making money, which might be the wrong motive which causes all kinds of problems.

What could a new system be like?

If the problem of the current system is the money, you first have to take away the trigger of making money. Why is Africa poor, why is the environment damages? Because of greed and the need for money. One solution for that is trying to change the motive in the first place for the system to work. The economic system is directly connected to the country itself, the economy is in fact a representation of what a country has as a whole. A new system however could focus on individuals instead of a country as a whole. What do the individuals of a certain group need and how can we provide them with those needs? With our modern means that could be a piece of cake.

First of all, we need to understand that you can’t provide a whole group of millions of people in all their needs. Why is that? Because it isn’t organized and can’t be organized. That’s why you first have to go back to small groups. Some African Tribes had ideal systems in which they just stopped working if the needs of the members of the group were fulfilled for the rest of the day. If they got a big enough animal of which everyone could eat, they just did and rested for the rest of the day. That’s also the way in which a lot of animals in the animal world deal with it. Our system however is built on working more if we have enough already, which has to do with our status. If we first change the culture however, we could change this need for more too. We could look at what all the people in a certain small place want, than look at the interests of all the people there and what everyone is good at and than let the people who are good at doing something provide all the needs in it. It might be the ideal system which doesn’t only give us the best quality, but it also satisfies the need to do something what you want and with which you can contribute. Another motive might also be to let people understand that contributing to society is a good thing too and you can reach that goal by creating more empathy between people and by increasing the bond between the people of the group, which gives more motivation to contribute, because you help people who you consider as friends in that way. You don’t want to work for people who you don’t consider as being nice or friends. The question however is, what if there aren’t enough people with the interests or people who want to contribute? The first solution might be emigration of people who can provide in the needs and the second solution might be using our technology. Technology is made in order to make work easier and less time-consuming so now we could just decide to let certain work being done by technology so that we don’t have to do it anymore.

This kind of system is more based on empathy and not really on individualism, like our current system which seems to have flaws. Maybe a system which is based on having an honest interest in other people and really wanting to help them might be more effective than the current one. All the free time which comes free might be spent on acquiring more general knowledge in order to give better quality to the products which we make and the free time might also be spent on getting more and better ideas for our society and maybe teaching philosophy to the society as a whole in order to teach people how to make more steps in their evolution and our evolution as a whole.

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