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Influence of celebrities

September 15, 2013

Celebrities are high in the hierarchy of human society. They can give trends to our society which are followed, that’s also one of the reasons why stars like Lady Laga put money into charity, because that’s a way to get more people to do it. I wonder though what benefit is for these kinds of celebrities to promote such behaviour, what do they gain from it? One possible thing which they gain is a reputation as a ‘good’ person, because they give money to charity, but if you do that just to become popular, it seems like you aren’t really a good person. The opposite can happen too, if you are called Pistorius. The strange thing though is that they asked people about the crimes which Pistorius committed and because he was a respected and known person, it wasn’t as bad as when a normal person would have done it. This is in fact not strange at all, it is a mechanism within our hierarchy, because celebrities are on a high position within the hierarchy of society, so instead of being judged, they can make judging possible themselves. It also depends on their audience, if the audience is not respected, the celebrities will only have authority within their own groups, but a group which isn’t respected will create an automatic disrespect for the celebrity, because he or she is connected to a group which isn’t respected. Celebrities can form their groups though and in that way they can change the way how their audience is viewed. Some subcultures change into other subcultures because celebrities choose to use their authority to change the people within the group, which gives them a certain influence on our society.

English: Lady Gaga holding a speech at Nationa...

English: Lady Gaga holding a speech at National Equality March (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lady Gaga

It’s interesting to take a look at fans of Lady Gaga. They are influenced a lot by this celebrity and it seems like this celebrity is so important in their lives that some of them even would choose Lady Gaga above everything else. It’s comparable to religion, where people will choose Jesus Christ or Muhammed over their family, friends and other people which they love. In the case of Lady Gaga there are actually fans where this same principle is present and who would choose Lady Gaga above their parents, friends and other loved ones.The possible explanation for this is that the fans make a direct assocation with the celebrity whom they adhere.They think that the celebrities are a direct part of themselves which makes their own family less important. They also have a comparable relationship with celebrities like religious people have a relationship with either Jesus, Muhammed or Moses. The reason why they have this relationship is because their world-view is formed by celebrities and it is based on celebrities. Reasons why they form their world-view on celebrities is not only to be in conformity with their groups, but also because they need a certain stability in their lives, which can be accomplished by an example of people who are succesful. By knowing everything about this person, they probably think to know how they can become like that themselves. Here there is also a direct relationship with religion, because Christians and Muslims want to live their lives in the same way as Buddha and Jesus and they want to know everything about them in order to be able to live like them.

This direct relationship with a celebrity however can also lead to a dissocation with the environment. It is the only thing which is important in someones life and because of this everything else becomes valueless, the celebrity is the only reason why they live. This development started after that the role of the church became less important. People didn’t get any orders about their way to live anymore but they had to look themselves for ways to form their lives. That leaves a big gap and people need to fill that gap. Especially among young people, a lot of them choose for celebrities in order to do so.

Crowdsurfing vocalist at the Alimas Carnival, ...

Crowdsurfing vocalist at the Alimas Carnival, Maldives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


People imitate the celebrities. In the United States a lot of young Afro-Americans started to wear different clothing because of a certain black celebrity which started to wear certain clothing and make it acceptable and normal. People watch clips from celebrities and not only are these music videos repeated, they are also shared among other people who like them and they are giving examples of what can be considered normal. In fashion one of the most important things to make certain fashion popular is to let celebrities wear them, in that way people see that they like it and because they think that they are themselves part of the celebrity, they will wear it too because their will adapts to the will of a celebrity. Because people make themselves subordinate to a certain celebrity, they actually give them the possibility to have an influence over what they do. The most important reason why people choose to adhere a certain celebrity is not being popular within the group, but is most importantly the fact that a celebrity is known. If someone is unknown it’s very unlikely that people will do anything what this person does, but if the person is known, it has a certain sense because other people will immediately recognize where it comes from what you do or wear and why.

It is actually very selfish to adapt to a celebrity just to become known yourself too and this is probably the reason why celebrities often don’t like their fans. Celebrities say that they like their fans, in order to keep a huge fan base, but that doesn’t mean that they really like their fans. If you like a person, you pay attention to him or her, but there aren’t a lot of celebrities who do that, most of them are too much occupied with their own business and that’s understandable, because that is needed to keep their jobs and to develop themselves within the part of the world of which they are a part. Without them being occupied about themselves, they wouldn’t come up with anything new to compete with other celebrities. Most celebrities wouldn’t have a direct relationship with fans too, because their relationship would be just one-sided. If a fan likes you just because of what you do or because you are considered as a certain person and not because of who you truly are from the inside, including your lesser sides, it means that you can never have a real relationship. Fans usually only see very limited parts of the celebrities who they adhere, because they associate the celebrities with themselves and if they associate the celebrities with negative features, they would associate themselves with negative features. It’s mostly about regarding yourself as a good person if you have an indirect relationship with a celebrity which isn’t really a relationship at all. It isn’t just this selfishness though, there can also be genuine admiration without putting yourself in a same position by adapting. These kind of people are harder to find and are more often part of the older generation fans of a certain celebrity, the young people, mostly teenagers, aren’t often this kind of fan and are mostly fans who don’t put themselves in a lesser position.

Why celebrities have nothing to do with quality

Celebrities have nothing to do with quality. Celebrities are there because they are well known and they are well known because they are repeatedly shown by organisations to the public in order to make money. Not only is the relationship between fans and celebrities often not a genuine relationship, the fans are also exploited by, not necessarily always the celebrities, but always by the organizations which are behind the events, marketing and marchandise. It’s one of the best ways to make money, because you can influence a big group within society and you can make the prices very high, because people will actually have a motivation to spend such an amount of money, it’s their religion. If people sell products like bread and other food, this is sold to the whole society, this means, both lower and higher groups within society. If you change prices of bread or food to too high prices, you would get problems, because they are basic needs. Not only are they basic needs, higher groups of people would also cause problems because they would realize that this would mean a collapse of society and is actually counter-productive instead of money-making for the people who are behind the higher prices. Another difference is that these products are sold by different companies and organizations, which means that there can be a lot of different prices. Within the world of celebrities, there is often an interlace between the organizations, all the celebrities will perform in the most well-known stages, which are often not many stages. In a certain country you often have just one place which is the most well-known place where you will see the best celebrities and there are a few other places where you can see a celebrity performing, but it isn’t like the food market that you will have a lot of places where prices can differ for the same kind of product. Celebrities aren’t the same like artists who aren’t well-known, you don’t have the same because they are different products. It’s different with bread, you can have cheap bread and very expensive bread, but it is all bread and you can eat it and it will just stay a bread, although they have a different quality. Celebrities are different in comparison to not well-known artists, because not well-known artists don’t have a big fan base and they don’t have a lot of people who try to look like them. There is a completely different function, not well-known artists are having an audience because they have friends who are part of the audience, because people want to discover new music or other stuff and because people in the audience happen to be there at the moment. Celebrities are having an audience, because the audience seeks a new life-view, wants to be part of the celebrity or part of the fan base, because they want to be part of a group and feel strong or they want to show other people that they are like the celebrity too. With bread there can also be a difference, because only rich people will eat expensive bread purely because it is expensive and they can show that they are rich, but their main reason to eat it is because they need food, in case of the artists the main reason can be completely different. It may seem like the main reason is listening to music, but that isn’t even the reason for everyone to follow a celebrity.

Sometimes not very well-known artists are even better and offer better quality, but they don’t suit the current trends and might not be the right person and for that reason are rejected, although they are much better than known artists.

It isn’t very different from the way how the Catholic Church exploited their adherents.

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