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Part 2 – Reality formation

September 15, 2013

Part 1:


Combining perspectives

Every human being has a different experience. This means that a combination of different experiences can contribute to a better understanding of reality. If we take the experience of one human being, we have one perspective and a very unreliable perspective, but if we use the perspectives of a lot of people we can create a reliable perspective. Actually, if we would have access to everyones reality perspective, we would know what is really going on everywhere. This means that the best way to get a good perspective on reality is combining the perspectives of different people. This implies that we should read experiences from people from different countries, different cultures and different social groups in order to get a good world-view which is as reliable as possible. Our world-view will never be a reliable world-view, because there are people with mental disorders who can’t express themselves well and we can’t always identify ourselves with people who have a mental disorder, which causes a limitation in our posibility to understand other people. We have to understand the source of their experience and the meaning behind their words and what they express. In the core however we are all human beings and there are certain universal traits among humans which can be perceived in every human being. Anyway, if we combine perspectives we can accomplish a better perspective. This is in accordance with the theory of Friedrich Hegel that different theses and antitheses can lead to a synthesis, if we interpret one perspective as a these and other perspectives as antitheses, all these perspectives together will lead to a synthesis and the more perspectives are combined, the higher the synthesis will be. This also explains the development in our society, the reason why we have come to such a high development is because we have combined a lot of perspectives of different people from our culture, but also from other cultures like the one from China, which makes it possible to reach a higher level. If people are restricted to their own perspective, they often won’t come far, because one person can’t experience everything in his or her own life. There are experiences of other lives needed in other to trigger other new thoughts and interesting ideas. Different perspectives give the possibility to solve problems in a better way, because certain solutions can only be given by people with a different experience.

People also won’t come far if they stay within a group of people with the same kinds of perspectives, people need other kinds of groups in order to accomplish other perspectives. The reason why there are problems within low social groups is because there is often a dislike from higher social groups to interact with them, which is the reason why they don’t get a perspective of those groups and can’t change anything within their group. One problem also is that the communication is also different which makes it difficult to bring a synthesis of perspectives between those groups, this means that if the communication would be equalized, it would be much easier to create a good synthesis of perspectives among both groups. This is also the reason why scientists try to explain science in an easy way, because if people people with lower understanding of science understand the basic principles, there is a synthesis of the knowledge of science between the perspective of scientists and non-scientists and in this way the knowledge can also be used by other people. Of course selling books is a reason too, but this may be a very good reason too. In this way the society comes to a higher development and these theses and antitheses lead to very interesting developments which are different in all societies. In the Chinese society these theses and antitheses were different from the ones in the western society for instance, because the experience is different in those societies, which is directly related to the different language and different development, but also the different environment of course. In this way perspectives are an important element in forming our reality.

People who aren’t influenced by other perspectives can sometimes get new perspectives though, if you develop your own ideas it can lead to psychological problems, but it can also lead to certain insights which can’t be accomplished by using existing perspectives.


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