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Poem – Lands of the lost

September 15, 2013
Sunset at Goðafoss in Winter, Iceland.

Sunset at Goðafoss in Winter, Iceland.

Lands of lost people,

They were looking for their own destiny, their soul,

but they just found new lands and they entered,

just one way to keep,

their own selves within their minds which were lost,

reaching higher places and looking for the Gods,

but the lands were abandoned,

just shivering was what entered their minds,

shivering because of lost feelings present on the lands,

lands of the angels who lost their protected and looking for goals,

goals to reach in lands which are lonely,

lonely because of space with oppression,

no possibility to get away from these spaces,

because they are filled with the feelings of people,

feelings of people who asked their angels for help,

but angels who have lost their minds are just in their own lands,

their own lands which can’t be entered by the souls,

because their lands are too far away,

too far away from the ice and cold from this place.


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