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Science and following others

September 16, 2013

Within the scientific world it became normal to view intelligent scientists as people who listen to others. If you follow the most leading persons within the scientific world, you are an intelligent person too. Ironically, it delays the development of new ideas and it’s just a way of adapting in order to be part of a group. Some of the most revolutionary ideas within science weren’t created because people thought the same or did the same as other scientists or the most leading figures within it, but because they did what they thought themselves was the best and used their own way of thinking. Using your own way of thinking gives you the possibility to look at phenomena in a different way, which can offer you that one thing which you wouldn’t have found out if you listened to others, which can blind you for developments actually.

Scientists in a laboratory of the University o...

Scientists in a laboratory of the University of La Rioja.

Follow the book

I read an article in a newspaper which said that a scientists wasn’t taken seriously, because he found out a new thing which wasn’t written down in any scientific books, thus it was nonsense according to the scientists whom he explained his theory. It wasn’t until some new discoveries within the scientific world that they found out that he was right after all. The problem is that the books and culture within the scientific worlds narrow the view of scientists and don’t give chances to novices, not only that, this discovery would be known much earlier if this problem didn’t exist.

In order to do proper science it is of course necessary to use the most important theories, but if after a while it seems that the theories weren’t right, you were building on something what was wrong and you need to think in a new way in order to do new discoveries. Within the philosophy of science it is known that we will probably never unlock the ultimate truth, because we are limited to our means which don’t allow us to discover everything what we want. We are limited to human experience anyway, but we can in any case try to discover as much as possible within our human experience.

Important scientists like Einstein and Newton were often extraordinary people who acted in a different way too, they didn’t adapt to another group of people and because of that they were able to do different discoveries, because they weren’t too much influenced by current groups but were in the first place looking for other solutions. If you stay within the current groups, you are adapting to their ideas and a consequence is that you are limited to their way of thinking, if you only go into the ideas of older thinkers, older groups who lived a long time ago and nature or your own way of forming ideas, you can unlock a different way of thinking which may give you the solution to your problem. In the world everything what is possible will most likely happen and this means that everything what is part of broader possibilities can be able to lead to more possibilities, because a limitation to certain possibilities only leads to possibilities which are a consequence of these possibilities and possibilities which would be there because of other possibilities than those possibilities wouldn’t be there.

That’s also the reason why our world is so sophisticated, because there is the freedom and the possibilities to form new possibilities within our world.

Philosophy as the solution

One solution for this problem is philosophy, philosophy can teach science that they need eachother in order to exist and the open-mindedness for scientists can only be there if they learn to think in a philosophical way and realize that philosophy isn’t all about dim nonsense, but is in the first place about logical thinking and organizing the world around us. Without philosophy, one possible thing which can happen is narrow-mindedness.

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