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Time doesn’t exist

September 17, 2013
English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case

An iPad

Time is made up by people. We just made it in order to deal better with our world. Animals don’t use clocks though, they just use nature in order to know when they have to do things. Go do stuff when it’s daylight and stop when it becomes sleeptime. It’s strange how we changed that, people just go and work when it’s night. There are even people who use special pills or cafein to work 20 or 22 hours in order to get higher wages. It really isn’t a thing which we are supposed to do, but humans are anyway trying to do everything in the opposite way from how nature wanted it. We created time.

Old times

It started in old times already, we got sundials which allowed us to know when the sun was at it’s highest position. We used the most simple tools in order to know what time it was and this is where it started already and what would lead us to the development to have machines which make sounds in order to tell us what time it is. The question is if that is really a good thing. If we are too focused on time, we are just focused on time and not on quality. A period can be 20 minutes in which we measure something, but if the quality is bad of what is made in that time, it’s useless to use that time. That’s why the current systems in our society often don’t work, they are purely based on time, because it’s the simplest and most efficient way to organize things, because you can apply it on a big group of people regardless of what kind of people they are. That is however what creates problems, because some people can offer quality work in that time and other people make bad work, because they need more time for it, but it’s possible that their work would be of even a better quality if they would have got more time to do it. The problem which is caused by this is that each year we waste a lot of talent and potential quality, just because we need to organize everything in time. That’s probably one of the reasons why new methods are used in, for example, our school system. There are some new I-pad schools in the Netherlands in which children can learn using I-pads and the lessons are partly at home and adjustable. The schools are flexible, which creates the possibility for children to learn in a better way, because it is individualized. In contrary to our current systems which are based on time, collectivism and bad-quality, these system are based on individuals in order to get the best out of everyone. If people are just looking at a clock in order to know when they can go away, you are not only wasting the time of the pupil, you are wasting your own time too, because it won’t give any profit to our society to let people spend their time in an useless way and throw away possible chances for our economy, because you don’t adjust to persons but just to groups.

Why do these time-organized systems not work? The most apparent reason is because we all have a different time-experience. We know that when we get older, time passes away much faster, but the speed with which time passes away is still different for every person, for some people it passes away very fast and for other people time passes away slowly. It’s different for everyone, and that’s why collective systems which are based on time will only work if everyone has the same time-experience which is, impossible. Not only does the system not work because it’s based on time-experience, it also doesn’t work because it’s a system which is depersonal, it’s not personalized and tasks aren’t for individuals but for groups. If you get tasks which are made specially for you, it will work much better.

Like I said, there are schools which are becoming flexible and that means that they will probably have as a consequence that our economic system will profit of it, because you only get the best out of individuals if you are aimed at individuals and not at groups. This is only possible if you realize that time is subjective and not objective.

Objective view and reasons for time

Objectively time doesn’t exist, it is made up. Like previously said, every individual has a different time-experience. Time is made though because sometimes it can be really handy. If you want to discuss something, time can be an ideal tool in order to make clear when it has to happen and to make it possible, because everyone organizes his or her own time, people have their own planning of their time. Things got really complicated though, the system became complicated because of developments in science, but also because of capitalism which motivates people to make money and the best way to make money is to personalize and to make things more specialized. In order to make things specialized, things have to become complicated in order to allow a more specialized society. We have stores which sell special products for example, but they need to do all kinds of things in order to make that possible. Thus, in order to create things which are aimed at individuals, things have to become complicated. People who ‘aren’t civilized’ though, often have far more efficient cultures which are better and which in an evolutionary perspective give more profit. Our way of living really destroys nature and the way of culture of these cultures is more in tune with nature and also in harmony with it, our society which is aimed at groups of people and consuming isn’t a society which takes the environment into account. Maybe it’s also because those cultures aren’t aimed on time like us, but they follow the rhythm of nature, which is maybe much better than following an articificial time arrangement which is instead of increasing the quality of peoples lives maybe decreasing it.

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