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We are all related

September 17, 2013

Maybe you don’t think about it, but when you complain about terrorists or other uncivilized people, you may not think about the fact that we are all related. No matter if other people are African, Asian or European, we all have the same origin as humans and we even share with animals the feature that we are organisms.

It’s very irrational if you observe people who are hating others, but not realizing that all division is just nonsense in fact and only ment to believe in utopias which can’t be realized because of not believing in our relationship. We are all humans and it doesn’t matter if you are christian, pagan, atheist or of another religion, in every world-view there are aspects which are in accordance with the view that division is bad and that only the realization of relationship between us all can help to improve the world.

  1. What has improved the world the most is self-interest under the rule of law.

    In the biblical fable of Cain and Abel, the ancients expressed the fact that even familial relations cannot subdue the evil that men do.

    • You are right about that. I think that even if familiar relationships exist, people don’t realize that all problems have greed/selfishness as an origin and that sharing could be a solution. Greed and selfishness as the origin of the problem comes back in not accepting others (because you don’t want to understand them), wanting money in an unfair way, telling other people what to do etc. In my opinion, realizing that we have a relationship with eachother as human beings could open the way to getting rid of greed, but even then people will stay who don’t agree with that.

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