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Poem – A Fictional Old-Germanic language poem

September 19, 2013

This poem is a made-up old Germanic language with a translation. I got fascinated by old Germanic languages like old English, it seemed interesting to make a poem in a made-up old Germanic language. It’s a poem about the mighty king of a Germanic tribe who rules in a democratic way. There isn’t any fixed pronunciation so if you like to pronounce it in what you think what it could have sounded like, post a comment with a link to your try.


Kung, du är so krachnun.

So wîî kana allataidan blîvun po landras mêd vars kunrîkan,

du haftun krachnuch sî gyîve vars alla taidan syekret,

Syekret tollt alla Gôtan sî werrun i himmla,

ii in alla taidan godran vergeset,

var vistan kansun tollt werru fru folknun,

folknun wîî werrun tollt enaflitaidur,

for wîî werrun ensamket sî godran ska skatra,

tolls alla andra platsur fru wuldan,

Wîî ska fikta tolls vars syûûlan for blîvun,

Blîvu in varskuulva ii ruule vau är inhûûrten.

Du haftun brikt vars syûûlan tolls tulan,

blîvun tolls alla taidan.

Godaaran du.


King, you are so powerful,

which is what makes it possible for us to stay at the lands of our kingdom,

you have the power which always gives us security,

Certainty of all the Gods in the skies,

and will never forget,

how we can be part of this folk,

the folk we are for always,

for we are an unity which will never break,

to all other other places on the world,

we will fight against our souls to stay,

stay in ourselves and know what is in us.

You have brought our souls in rest,

stay forever,

bless you.


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