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Poem – Experience of a stranger

September 20, 2013

A poem about a man in a different country or just a different man, it’s up to you to interpret it.


I came into these streets and the people asked me questions,

but they didn’t turn away and they got into me,

into me confusing my heart and my mind until I didn’t know where to go,

because everything like this is insanity,

nowhere to go within the streets which are known,

through a map with which I ‘m alone,

just me and my experience among people who are different,

people who don’t know a world which is from far,

a world barried by me, because I ‘m a taker from a place which doesn’t belong,

among a world which is way too strong,

too strong to know what it is like here in our place,

not knowing that I ‘m the same like them within my face,

the face of my spirits which dwell in my mind,

looking for something to find,

but they trust just those who are within,

not those outside who are finding,

only that which is what they know,

that what is the only thing for which they bow.


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