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Science and new views

September 23, 2013

According to quantum mechanics everything consists of waves and can be determined within these waves. This means maybe that everything is possible within our reality, because the waves leave possibilities of fixed particles to be created everywhere. It is actually a quite logical system too. How can things exist and be created in the future? If everything is fixed it would mean that possibilities were limited in creation and it wouldn’t explain how something new can be created somewhere, but with quantum mechanics we have an explanation how a new thing can be created in every possible place. Maybe we can compare it to a table. You can put something on it anywhere and although you are limited to the table, the thing which you put on it will be standing on the place where you have put it, if it’s an heavy object.


Nietzsche said that every possible things will exist in our world. It’s unclear what he exactly ment with that, but it’s likely that he ment that because something is possible, the chance of it to happen is too big in such a big timeframe. His statement however can also be applied to physics. Why wouldn’t it be possible for anything to happen within our reality? The claims that things can’t happen are human inventions, they are claims which are based on our knowledge which isn’t knowledge which will last forever, in contrary, our knowledge is dependent on the time we live in and we can never apply it to new discoveries without being mistaken at a certain point, because the knowledge will prove to be out of date.

We need to accept the fact that we can do new discoveries but that we need an open mind in order to do new discoveries, because new discoveries don’t adapt to our rules which are based on discoveries which are done so far, but our rules have to adapt to the new discoveries which we make. Our rules also need to be considered as aid in our new discoveries, not as fixed things which need to be always applied in the same way, but which need to change if discoveries turn out to prove the opposite of the existing rules.

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