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How ADHD shows that our society is essentially racist

March 9, 2014

When your kid has ADHD, he or she is not ok. That is what educated people say, the kid needs therapy, pills and it is simply abnormal. What is strange though, is why this particularly happens in this period of time. In earlier periods of time, people with these kinds of ‘disorders’ were actually a beneficial part of society and used for certain tasks in which they could perform well and were respected as the people to be able to do it well. The problem starts in our education system already though and maybe the difference between men and women could be a cause of this problem too.

In our education system pupils have to be quiet and study their work, social contact is in fact discouraged in the classrooms and instead of letting people use their energy a lot, this is only done in the sport lessons. The big disadvantage of discouraging social contact is that intelligence may develop by social contact. The education system essentially has a goal to let students develop to intelligent beings, but by only using books and information which is indirect, students can’t really learn about the social aspects which are important in our lives. Of course we have to take into account autistic students who could have problems with it, but it would be a good idea to actually have lessons in which we encourage social behaviour and instead of having courses for kids which aren’t acting social and are too shy/not doing a lot with other kids, try to let them interact with those kids in special lessons in which ALL the kids participate. The disadvantage of lessons in which only the group of kids which aren’t social participate, is that they only have other kids which aren’t social to practice with, while social behaviour, when humans have a need of social contact, should be practiced among as much people as possible so that people can have a wide choice of possible individuals to have social contact with.

Our educational system expects people to behave in accordance to certain unwritten rules (and written ones too), but the problem is that some people simply can’t, because of the nature how they are. And nature hasn’t created those people like that for nothing, because they have certain functions too. The function of people with ADHD is to serve as energetic people in society who are very good for jobs which require physical activity. That is why those people shouldn’t be discouraged in our education or be given pills because they don’t behave like we want them to do (while they CAN’T even behave like we want them), but they should be offered the possibility to attend schools which actually offer them what they like and what they are ment for, activities in which they can do what they like and what they can do best and serve in the best way for society. The same problem exists with autistic people which are too often wrongly treated which causes them to end up disemployed, while they could give huge contributions to society, but because there isn’t enough space for those people, it actually doesn’t happen that our economy flourishes more by them.

What is the reason that our society acts like this? The core is the same as the reason why gypsys, homosexuals and jews are hated, it’s most likely because we don’t like difference and we want people who can’t change themselves to be in accordance to certain views which they can’t be even in accordance too. It’s the essential racism and discrimination of our society. Discrimination is a word which originates from Latin and which comes from the word discriminere, to make distinction. It perfectly described what our society is like, because we need to distinct everything. In science we do it, in education, in sociology and in philosophy, in everything our society is in essence a society which makes distinction, and as long as our distinctive society doesn’t change it’s need to make distinction, those problems which actually weaken our economy and our position in the world will persist instead of go away. Not only does it weaken our economy, because we make distinctions there are black people who participate in criminal activities, since they aren’t part of a society in which they should actually be absorbed. The only way to solve all these problems, is by not looking at differences and make distinction, but by looking at what we share as people.

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