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Welcome to the blog Thinking and Art.

I ‘m Roel, I ‘m 20 years old and I ‘m from the Netherlands and like writing.

I have a blog in which you can teach yourself Dutch, so if you want to learn this language, you can go to

To tell something about myself, I ‘m interested in philosophy, art, religion, music and language.

I ‘m agnostic, but I have read a lot about different religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism and that’s the reason why I like to write about them.

I write poetry and fiction and here I write primarily philosophical thoughts about all kinds of subjects.

Here you can read my perspective on all kinds of subjects, including art. Maybe some people will ask why I made the division between philosophy and art. In the first place it’s interesting how art is often divided from other subjects in our society. Unlike politics or science, the function of art is not very clear in the first place, however if you think about it, you will find out that the function is the same as the function of philosophy: making people think. Because both domains try to make people think, but do this in different ways, it’s interesting to look at both disciplins seperated in order to learn about our world and our society.

Alongside I have a special interest for art, because of the freedom we have within art.

I teach myself different languages and I can speak French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish, so if you speak any of those languages and want to have a conversation with me, feel free to do so and send me a message or answer here.


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